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D-Link DS-605 - VPN Client Software (5-User Licens

[code: D-Link0004]   [model: D-Link DS-605 ]   [weight: 10 KG] 


D-Link VPN Client Software
This VPN client software provides a complete and secure way for remote clients to communicate with their company headquarters. With growing concerns over network security, Denial of Service attacks, virus damage, and privacy demands, D-Link’s NetDefend family of network security solutions offer the reliability and protection that businesses need.

IPSec Client Solution
The D-Link VPN Client Software is an easy-to-use, secure and economical IPSec client. Designed for IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN) products, each computer running this VPN client can instantly connect to D-Link IPSec-enabled gateways, such as D-Link VPN routers and NetDefend firewalls over a wired or wireless network, the Internet or a private network.

In addition, D-Link’s VPN client is VPNC (VPN Consortium) Certified to ensure compatibility with other approved manufacturers’ firewall hardware. When a connection is established between the VPN firewall and the VPN client, all data traversing the network is protected by the latest encryption algorithms to ensure maximum security.

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