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Web-design-imgWe at Software Innovations provides website design and development solutions that are focused on providing you such an effective web presence and value for your money. We help you to create your global web presence which help your audience with unique, powerful designs, materials and messages. We assure you 100% ownership and provide updates as and when required. From simple static web pages to interactive, dynamic colorful websites with databases and everything in-between, we build them.

Websites developed by us are always functional, aesthetically inclined, and practical. We blend color, code and text in perfect harmony to deliver an eye-catching website. Designing of a new website Redesign or revamping or cloning of an existing website Maintenance & management of an existing website – Our basic goal always has been to deliver an effective Web based Solution – which offers users a balance between visual appeal, informative content and user-friendly functionality. We are experts in cloning any Website, also we offer my client to develop their website on CMS framework.

We work together to help you create a powerful and lasting impression. We rely heavily on a popular combination of open source software to develop and deploy their websites and applications. This combination is often known as LAMP-an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. For dynamic applications, we use Professional Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP) for dynamic web applications with its integration with open-source database software like MySQL. We help in analyzing our clients goals and obstacles so we can provide the appropriate. From web and e-commerce software development to maintaining sophisticated Internet applications, we have the expertise to help you roll out your interactive campaign with the array of following services:

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Cloning and Revamping

cloning and revamping

Cloning and Revamping services are available for the face-lifting of your web presence. Mostly business houses have website but they are not getting enough responses from it. There are certain factors that you must follow while developing your website from a website designing company. The first thing that you should look into is its designs. A good looking website can give you 10 times more responses than an ugly website. Having a website is not enough, you must also give importance to its designs, page loading time and SEO optimization of the website.

We professionally build/rebuild your website with a lot of attractive and dynamic features such as online updation, search engine optimization etc. We help in redesigning/revamping of existing website and also optimize it as per the mobile web browsing standards. Therefore if your website is missing any of the above features than you must plane to get redesigning of your website.

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CMS based Website

cmsContent Management System (CMS) is a special kind of application which is used to managing the content for e commerce website, also defined as a special integrated functional unit which is used in any kinds of website and portal to update and manage the content very efficiently. We are specialized in designing advanced CMS based websites and provide unparalleled services for medium/large organizations which facilities them to make any changes to the web contents without knowing much of computers.

At Software Innovations we have teams of professional who offer a quality CMS based website design and development. We at Software Innovations works in the most popular CMS names as WordPress. Therefore our CMS based website provides an easy and less time consuming power tool for small and medium sized business enterprises to manage their website. We have expert professionals to offer you a wide variety of themes, functionality and customized solutions to provide a platform to enhance suit the need of your business and take it to next level.

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Static Website

static website

We at Software Innovation have a complete solution for those who are looking for Static Website. Our team is very specialized in designing html websites as since beginning we are into web designing which mostly includes html websites. Our services on static website design also include search engine friendly content to ensure top ranking on all major search engines. Static websites are the most elementary web tool to boosts your online presence and promotes products / services. It contains features, such as smooth navigation, easy demonstration, easy downloadable graphics, improved usability, easy mobility, easy updating and browser compatibility. Static websites are recommend for the following benefits:

  • If you require an introductory web presence
  • Low budget for design and development.
  • If your product’s range changes rarely

A potential customer can access information instantly while browsing through a static website. Another advantage of having a static website is that search engines can easily navigate your website and index all the pages quickly. You may also refer our CMS websites catalog before buying a website designed in Html.

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Dynamic Website


 If your products/services information is dynamic in nature i,e it keeps on changing then a dynamic website is suitable for you. A dynamic website is driven from database which is of course is manageable from  the control panel provided. Software Innovations may provided you an affordable and quality dynamic website developed in latest scripting languages. Common features of a dynamic website are:

  • Update page (add, edit or delete),  own news articles, photo gallery etc  with ease.
  • You can even create a newsletter for your website and send necessary updates to your site’s users at one click.
  • Member registration, login system easily integrated.
  • Useful for Online databases, E-business, Collaborative content, Membership, Knowledge base website, a resume or jobs database, Online shopping site etc.

Using dynamic website, user can set preferences about information to be displayed. Our user friendly dynamic websites enable the viewers to interact with the website, through web forums, comments sections, and feedback submissions.

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Flash based Website


Flash web contents can interact with the viewers very effectively and a long lasting impression can be created on the mind of viewers. The way Flash based website represents your products or services is really great. If you are in need of having Flash component, Software Innovations can provide you comprehensive solution for the same. To add glory liveliness to your website we devotedly add our strength to achieve successful flash website. We provide a full fledged flash website solution at an affordable pricing.

Software Innovations have a few but dedicated web designers who are always ready to build your website according to your needs. Our website designers are expertise in designing and developing dynamic good looking websites. We promise to give you websites that are unique and have features like

  • Highly visual animated web pages
  • animated characters moving on your website background
  • Background sound for your website

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E-Commerce Website

ecommerce_thumbSoftware Innovations is having experience in developing and promoting several e-Commerce websites of varying magnitudes. We have endowed numerous features to our e-Commerce websites. Moreover, as per individual requirements we excel in providing our clients customization web services in open source development. Our e commerce web site design team is well experienced and equipped with latest technologies to handle any customized requirement regarding shopping cart, credit card payment, pay pal, member registration, etc. E commerce websites developed by our company are so user friendly in terms of navigation, visual effects, and exposure to the new products and services for customers, resulting in more business for you.

We provide e commerce website design services by performing proper analysis of your business goals and target customers so that it can help you to constitute and implement an e commerce strategy for your business. Our effective and well researched e-Commerce website development solution helps our clients to grow business in this competitive and global marketplace. We explore the feasibility of the project and come up with a complete e commerce solution to make your dreams a reality.

e-commerce website package includes following features:

  • Provide comfortable and secure buying process for buyer.
  • Maintain secure online transactions.
  • Add new products on regular Intervals.
  • Manage Product Inventories.
  • Have a custom controlled website.
  • Update/modify the information.
  • Update/add images.
  • Display time bounded offers/discounts on website.

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Mobile Website

mobile based websiteThere is a rapid growth of mobile internet usage since the last few years. The impact of mobile internet is not also less in India with is a fastest developing country of the world. Therefore it is very important to design a mobile website for your business or if you already have a website you can optimize your existing website according to mobile view. With the invention of highly advanced mobile devices and fast mobile internet connection, people use to access internet more from their mobiles. As a result you need a website which is best optimized for all kinds of mobile devices so that you do not lose any visitor which may become a potential customer for your business at future period. All websites are not supported in mobile formats. In that case a mobile web user finds a blank page instead of getting your contents.

Software Innovations can professionally build your mobile website with a lot of attractive and dynamic features. If you want to have a mobile website for your business please feel free to contact us at anytime. Software Innovations can also redesign your existing website optimizing it as per the mobile web browsing standards. If we need to optimize your website for mobile devices we are here to serve you. We can develop a neat and clean attractive mobile website for your business or organization at an affordable rate.

Moreover your mobile website is also recognition of your strong online presence. It helps you to build your company’s goodwill; it is the identity of your brand. Mobile websites are developed only for the mobile devices and as a result these websites gives you faster page loading and materials downloading features. You are not going to lose a single customer from all the major search engines as these websites are search engine optimized.

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Website Maintenance

webmaintenanceWebsite Maintenance is another area of our focus. We firmly believe that in an ongoing competitive marketing scenario, product and service life cycle has decreased greatly, which necessitate ongoing up-gradation and maintenance of your existing website. Using this service of ours, you can, whenever required, add and delete products and services frequently. If you have a website but it is not in good position in search engines and customer query is decreasing day by day as well you need a website maintenance service as soon as possible. Website maintenance is very much required in order to update and upgrade the existing website.

Software Innovation has proven to be a one highly profile Software Innovations and development company that has the specialization in low cost Internet website design, low cost web application development, and at satisfactory cost flash web design, personalized applications, website rehabilitate, website annual maintenance and improvisation.

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